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Full form of MX record is Mail Exchange, it is nothing but one of your DNS record that are required to deliver Email.
An MX record, or Mail Exchange record, is a crucial part of the email delivery process. It's essentially a directory in the Domain Name System (DNS) that tells email servers where to deliver emails destined for a specific domain name.
Imagine it like a phone book for email. Just like you look up a phone number in a phone book to call someone, email servers use MX records to find the mail server responsible for handling emails sent to a particular domain. Usually MX records are controlled by the Website Hosting company like Godaddy, Dreamhost etc where your Nameservers are pointed. Most of Godaddy's hosting website MX record points to

Here's a breakdown of MX records:

An MX record consists of two parts:
Priority: A number indicating the preferred mail server (lower number = higher priority).
Host name: The name of the mail server receiving emails for that domain.

When an email server needs to send an email to a specific domain, it first performs an MX record lookup. It checks the DNS records for that domain and retrieves the list of MX records. It starts trying to deliver the email to the mail server with the highest priority (lowest number). If delivery fails at the highest priority server, it moves down the list and tries the next server, and so on, until the email is successfully delivered or all attempts are exhausted.
TTL : The TTL aka Time to Live is the time taken for your record to become active once you change your MX record. You should set your MX PRI (Priority) to a lower number to get high priority of your mail request.

Properly configured MX records are crucial for ensuring emails reach their intended recipients. Incorrect or outdated MX records can lead to email delivery failures, bounces, and spam marking.

How to check MX records:
You can use online tools like MXToolbox or Whois to check the MX records for any domain. Some email providers also offer tools to check their own MX records.

Common issues:
Multiple MX records with conflicting priorities. Inactive or misconfigured mail servers listed in the MX records. Outdated MX records pointing to old or non-existent mail servers.

Ensure you have multiple MX records with different priorities in case one server is unavailable. Keep your MX records updated if you change your email service providers. Use a reputable email provider with reliable mail servers.
I hope this explanation clarifies the role of MX records in email delivery.

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